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Action English社团活动简报——看英文影片 学原味表达
2017/5/11 由 杨宁宁 编辑  阅读:2439次

510晚,Action English社团成员聚集一堂观看英文影片The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book是一部改编自1967年迪士尼同名动画片的真人版影片,描述了一场充满着纯真和关爱的丛林冒险故事。The Jungle Book整合了好莱坞的写实动画工艺以及真人CG技术,逼真的动物和场景制作牢牢地吸引着大家的眼球。这部影片的对话量以及词汇量均属于中等水平,语言也比较生活化,非常适于同学们观看和学习。



You must be the very worst wolf I’ve ever seen.

Yeah, but if that branch didn’t break, I would’ve made it.

If you can’t learn to run with the Pack... One of these days, you’ll be someone’s dinner.

How was I supposed to know it was dead?

If he was going to survive... I knew he needed a people. A people to protect him.

AKela was a just and noble leader.

If it’s meant to be... It will be.

And remember not everyone here has seen a man-cub in the Jungle before. So, behave yourself.

A man-cub becomes man... And man is forbidden!

The cub is mine! Mine to me.

So, here’s my promise. Nothing lasts forever. The rains will return and the river will rise.

I’m leaving. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt.

Just one thing we reach our full potential.


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